We are Pet Star Recycling, and, together, we can build a society that actively engages within the circular economy

An important market player for recovering sorted recyclable plastics

Pet Star Recycling is a major player in the market for recovering sorted recyclable plastics.

Established in 2018 with the aim of achieving a greenfield type investment for the production of resin and flakes out of the recycling of post-consumption PET bottles, the company is part of the Pet Star Group, together with Pet Star Holding.

At Pet Star Recycling, we support the transition to a circular economy in which the value of products, materials and resources is retained in the economy for as long as possible.

Undertaken objectives

Supporting EU 2020 and national recycling policies.

Creating a technological flow for the plastics recycling and the production of recycled PET resin for food use, which does not currently exist at a national level, by using modern and innovative technologies.

Ensuring high quality raw materials for PET producers and implicitly for customers and end consumers, especially in the food industry.

Creating new jobs in the county of Ialomita, which will enable further regional development.

Field experience

The company’s experience in the field of recycling, and specifically in the production field of PET resin, is validated by the fact that the parent company of the group, Pet Star Holding, has been active in the manufacturing market for plastic packaging items since 2000.

The Pet Star Group aims to be a pioneer of the European concept of circular economy, and, through a production line equipped with modern technologies, Pet Star Recycling will improve and streamline the technological process by collecting and recycling waste to produce recycled PET plastic flakes.