Pet Star Recycling is a major player in the market for recovering sorted recyclable plastic materials


Through its activity, the Pet Star Group and its companies aim to close the loop of internal (domestic) plastic materials flow, as outlined in the circular economy vision.

Pet Star Holding, the Group’s parent company, produces PET preforms, and Pet Star Recycling, through the services it offers, contributes to the post-consumer plastic bottle collection rate.


The company will cooperate with specialized suppliers to reintroduce the raw material in the system in the form of recycled PET flakes and resin, closing the internal flow. Thus, imports of PET resin will be reduced at the Group level by using the recycling process as a domestic source.
The main raw material used by Pet Star Recycling is represented by used PET bottles from customers who comply with the concept of circular economy, by sourcing them from the market specialized in collecting used PETs.